NTP Servers

The home4u.ch NTP servers are part of the NTP Pool Project. All servers are connected to an external time source, and those operate as Stratum 1 server. They are aware of pending leap seconds and will announce them to connected clients. All servers are peering with each other and also have each two additional different external servers configured as reference. They have IPv4 and IPv6 Internet connectivity and are located in the city of Zürich, in Switzerland.

If you see suspicious NTP (UDP port 123) connections from any of your systems to one of the home4u.ch NTP servers, then your system is probably using *.pool.ntp.org for timekeeping. If you have any issue with the home4u.ch NTP servers, please contact me with as many details as possible, so I can try to resolve it.

The home4u.ch NTP servers are available to the public, feel free to use them for a few of your systems, but do not abuse them. If you would like to use them in a larger installation, please contact me first with some more details and numbers on how you would like to use them.

Please use only the following hostnames in your configuration:
ntp1.home4u.ch, ntp2.home4u.ch, ntp3.home4u.ch or ntp.home4u.ch (round robin DNS entry)

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System Details:

HostnameOperating SystemTime SourceNTP Pool Score
ntp1.home4u.chFreeBSDGPS 18x LVCIPv4 IPv6
ntp2.home4u.chGentooDCF77 mouseCLOCKIPv4 IPv6
ntp3.home4u.chFreeBSDDCF77 mouseCLOCKIPv4 IPv6
ntp.home4u.ch(round robin DNS entry)Overview


ntp1.home4u.ch Traffic Graph

ntp2.home4u.ch Traffic Graph

ntp3.home4u.ch Traffic Graph

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